Are you looking for more stability and flexibility when it comes to controlling your boat? In that case, a high-power electrical turbine-style centrifugal water pump is the answer to your needs. Sounds too complicated? Jet Thruster Systems rely on electrically produced centrifugal force to steer, control, and operate your boat with heightened efficiency and propulsion. We offer systems that can be installed on Bow or Stern.. or both!

Bow Thruster System

A single system “bow thruster” draws in the outside water and later expels it through the nozzle system. The nozzle units are located on the bow side, and this offers stability, better control, and enhanced motion maneuvers in the water.
The bow thruster system features a powerful centrifugal pump, electronic controls, and a three-way valve unit to carefully expel the collected water through the nozzles. Since this unit does not rely on the use of propellors, you will not feel any noisy or loud vibrations going through the boat.

Stern Thruster System

Just like the bow thruster system, this unit is placed on the stern side, and it operates on a similar set of principles. It draws in water from the rear end of the boat and simultaneously expels it to push the boat forward and keep it steady. This unit also relies on a centrifugal system, so you will see no issues regarding loud vibrations or noises.

Combination Thruster System

If you want the best features for both ends, you can also choose a combination thruster system. It combines the abilities of the stern and bow thruster system and keeps the boat steady on either end. The water is concurrently drawn in from the bow and stern and expelled through the nozzles at the same time. This offers maximum flexibility and stability when tackling harsh water bodies. Moreover, it keeps the boat moving forward without any swaying disturbances.

What Are the Core Benefits of a Jet Thruster System?

There may be other counterpart options on the market that have similar promise features. However, jet thruster systems offer the following benefits that clearly offer you an edge and something that you cannot get elsewhere:
Silent Units: All jet thruster systems are silent since these rely on the use of centrifugal pumps rather than propellors. So, these offer a silent operation and no vibrational disturbances.
Smaller Orifices: Another bonus is the use of smaller orifices that blend into the background and do not ruin the overall aesthetic value of your boat. Moreover, these smaller outlets and inlets possess the power to offer high-level operational value without any issues.
Easy Installation: This one is hard to beat as many similar systems are harder to install and may even take a couple of days. However, you can install a bow thruster system or a stern system within less than an hour.