The Best Thruster for your Boat in Tampa, FL

How to get rid of Low-Performance Thrusters in Tampa, FL?

Water jet thruster is one of the best technology among classical marine propulsion systems. Conventional marine propellers can lead to serious consequences for cargo, boats, vessels, and the people on board the vessel. These consequences can be time wastage, low efficiency, poor performance, financial loss, security threat, and many more. Tired of low performance? Want to boost efficiency? Water jet thruster is always an ideal option for you. Waterjets usually have the advantage of tiny hull penetrations for an identical size thruster. 

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How Jet Thruster is the best alternative to solve Low-Performance Issues?

In comparison to standard tunnel thrusters, the greater exit velocity of discharged water improves the relative efficiency and performance of the system. Looking for a complete solution for bow and stern thruster? The jet thruster is the perfect match. The system comes in a variety of models and configurations, and they are used to maneuver the vessel easily in congested spaces by generating sideways thrust.  

How Jet Thrusters are more efficient?

Depending on the complexity, maintenance, and cost you are willing to accept, different types of thrusters will perform well for different types of vessels. To find the best thruster for your boat in Tampa, FL, let’s take a look at the positives and negatives of each thruster.

Tunnel Thruster System

  • Positives

Tunnel Thrusters are the most common type of thruster, mainly due to the fact that they effectively propel the water. You get 132 pounds of pressure for every horsepower generated by your thruster engine, propelling your bow or stern in a specific direction. Boat manufacturers all over the world have welcomed the tunnel innovation and adapted it into their designs, and companies now offer tunnel thrusters in a large variety of configurations and propulsion systems, including DC electric, hydraulic, and AC electric.

  • Negatives 

Another benefit is that the tunnel works as a tubular stringer at the bow, providing the hull greater strength. The disadvantage of a tunnel system is that it will cut a large hole in your hull. However, properly designed tunnels do not create issues. A tunnel thruster’s major drawback is that it’s more expensive to deploy. It also adds more weight to your vessel and takes up space in the bow.

External Thrusters

  • Positives 

When all other designs of conventional thrusters fail, external thrusters were the only solution. Trawlers, and small vessels, for example, may not have sufficient space in the bow or stern to mount a tunnel thruster. The external thruster becomes the appropriate choice at this stage. The installation of external thrusters was also less costly. 

  • Negatives 

External thrusters are typically criticized for increasing drag, but this is only valid in the bow, not at the stern, where they are placed behind the transom. The device is more expensive than internal thrusters, offers less initial thrust due to its motor architecture, and requires more maintenance in general because all functional components are located outside the vessel. However, the product demand is limited, and if you have a larger vessel, you may need to mount two thrusters to get the task done.

Jet Thruster System – A Seamless Solution for all Conventional Propulsion System

Jet Thruster technology provides you with a complete solution for bow and stern thrusters, as you don’t need to install additional thrusters for performance. These systems perform more efficiently at high velocities. Additionally, in the absence of reciprocating components, mechanical efficiency is achieved. 

Therefore, if you are a boat operator and looking for the best thruster for your boat, Jet Thruster America is always a reliable and trusted manufacturer of innovative and high-performance jet thrusters.  


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