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Our long vessel is easy to manoeuvre with the the Jet Thruster Dual.

BOW JT-90  Stern JT-50 SINGLE  Required Kgf at 6 bft. : 130.3

Holland Marine Parts Jet Thruster JT-90 / JT-50 in wooden SY Unique, demonstrated in the Kiel harbour.

“The thruster really helped when docking the boat in tight situations”

BOW JT-70 SINGLE – STERN JT-50  SINGLE  –  Required Kgf at 6 bft. : 48.1

P. Mackay, Canada: Bavaria 39

“The installation of the JT-70 combi-thruster system on our Bavaria 39 has really helped when docking the boat in tight situations. The bow swings quietly and effortlessly, even against a strong cross current and wind. The stern thruster is very helpful in countering the effect of prop walk when backing into a narrow berth. Used together, it is possible to move the boat laterally to or from a dock when there is limited space at the bow or stern. All in all a great system to keep you out of trouble!”

“The Jet Thruster is reliable; I believe in this product”

BOW JT-90 – STERN – –  Required Kgf at 6 bft. : 90

Chris Beuker Lemsteraken, Groningen:

When Chris Beuker Lemsteraken from Groningen, the Netherlands, says he believes in this product, this is quite special. The experienced shipbuilder and captain had first had negative experiences with the Jet Thruster’s predecessor. “The system as it was then didn’t work more often than not. Only when Karts Braaksma of Karyvo upgraded the system to a Jet Thruster, now equipped with electrical controls instead of electronic ones did it work perfectly. Because of my earlier experience with the system I jump every time it works. And this happens a lot, because I use the Jet Thruster intensively. I have opted for the remote control. We hang it on the tiller or carry it in our pockets. I find it to be ideal; it does not require any wires, and you can control the ship from ashore. We have begun work on a newly built ship we are equipping with a JT-90. Seeing as these ships are very heavy you really need this power. I don’t understand the scornful attitude towards manoeuvring assistance that some people adopt. I have sailed 400-foot ships, and am pretty good at sailing and manoeuvring, but I find myself in plenty of situations where I can use some extra help. The advantages of the small orifices and the limited noise are are a welcome bonus, but the reliability of the system is paramount. That is why I believe in this product.”


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