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“Installing it into a Bayliner yourself is quite doable”

BOW JT-50 SINGLE  Stern – –  Required Kgf at 6 bft. : 45.3

Bart Graafmans:
Bart Graafmans owns a 1998 Bayliner 2858 Command Bridge, a 10-metre lightweight stretching out 3 metres above the water. “It is a fantastic, fast and complete boat, but its height makes it catch a lot of wind when sailing.” Bart Graafmans went looking for a system he could install himself. He therefore decided not on a bow thruster but on the Jet Thruster JT-50. “I only had the orifices drilled by a professional.” This is a precision job you’d best have done right, so I gladly left this task to the expert. Graafmans admits that you do need some technical insight for the installation: “You basically get a complete installation package including all the connecting materials. Then you need to figure out where to best put the parts on the ship. Let me put it this way: I’ve seen the inside of every cupboard during the installation. Then I also ordered and installed the optional electrical bleed valve. This completes the system for my type of vessel. I placed the joy stick close to the throttle, and when docking or in locks I make grateful use of it.” Bart has placed the pump behind the engine room, and the valve system all the way up front. “You can decide yourself where and how to place the system. I like this a lot about the Jet Thruster. I also completely concealed the hose system. That took me quite some time. My advice: do not rush anything and work systematically, then the installation is quite doable. You will save on installation costs and in the end you’ll have a very convenient system on your ship. I am therefore highly satisfied with it.”


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