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“The Jet Thruster is reliable; I believe in this product”

BOW JT-90  Stern – –  Required Kgf at 6 bft. : 90

Chris Beuker Lemsteraken, Groningen:

When Chris Beuker Lemsteraken from Groningen, the Netherlands, says he believes in this product, this is quite special. The experienced shipbuilder and captain had first had negative experiences with the Jet Thruster’s predecessor. “The system as it was then didn’t work more often than not. Only when Karts Braaksma of Karyvo upgraded the system to a Jet Thruster, now equipped with electrical controls instead of electronic ones did it work perfectly. Because of my earlier experience with the system I jump every time it works. And this happens a lot, because I use the Jet Thruster intensively. I have opted for the remote control. We hang it on the tiller or carry it in our pockets. I find it to be ideal; it does not require any wires, and you can control the ship from ashore. We have begun work on a newly built ship we are equipping with a JT-90. Seeing as these ships are very heavy you really need this power. I don’t understand the scornful attitude towards manoeuvring assistance that some people adopt. I have sailed 400-foot ships, and am pretty good at sailing and manoeuvring, but I find myself in plenty of situations where I can use some extra help. The advantages of the small orifices and the limited noise are are a welcome bonus, but the reliability of the system is paramount. That is why I believe in this product.”

“The Beauty and the Beast”

BOW – –  STERN JT-50 SINLGE   Required Kgf at 6 bft. : 45.4

Hans Webbink: Bronson 36 Islander

Hans Webbink, owner of Steel Yachts in Steenwijk, the Netherlands, talks about the Bronson 36 Islander, a very exceptional 10.55-metre tender. The tender, manufactured from lightweight aluminium, comes with every conceivable luxury. But the main attraction has to be the back, which unfolds into a giant deck. By anchoring or using spud poles we can create an island. Truly special. He says: “For optimal manoeuvring, in the early development stage we opted for a bow thruster in the bow and a JT-50 in the stern. Both systems perform excellently, but the difference in sound is tremendous. If you first start the Jet Thruster and then the bow thruster, the difference in sound is like the Beauty and the Beast. The Bronson 36 Island, now available for order, is fully custom made, save for the collapsible side panels. Our clients can therefore choose themselves what they do and do not want – the possibilities are endless. However, we will recommend our clients to install a Jet Thruster in the bow and stern. In closing, I cannot refrain from saying that with this tender we have been nominated for the title of European Motorboat of the Year!”

“Client is satisfied, can even rotate around the axis”

BOW JT-70 SINGLE  STERN – –  Required Kgf at 6 bft. : 65.2

Peter de Klerk: Northwind 40

Klerk Yacht (KYS) is an all-round yacht service company in Medemblik, the Netherlands. Peter de Klerk refitted a sailing yacht, a Northwind 40, for one of his clients in 2007. Ever since then the owner has Peter make changes to his yacht almost every year to make it even better and more complete. For instance, the owner requested of Peter to install an JT-70 in the hull of the Northwind 40. “The installation isn’t very difficult. After all, no tunnel is required. And the pump installation is very flexible. In smaller vessels we do need to find room for the battery pack and water hoses; there’s no evading that. The client is highly satisfied. The sound, or rather the little sound the Jet Thruster produces, is very important to them. And he can even easily rotate around the axis. A thruster is just an extra helping hand. With the ever larger vessels and the box sizes remaining the same it is not an unnecessary luxury. I have received some new requests already, so we are going to install more Jet Thrusters.”

“If necessary the pump can even fit under the bed”

BOW JT-30 SINGLE  STERN – –  Required Kgf at 6 bft. : 25

Michel Clemonts: 

Given the relative newness of the system it is possible the client explicitly asks for a Jet Thruster. That was Michel Clemonts’ experience, who owns H2O Sports Strand Horst in Ermelo, the Netherlands. “Our client wanted to have a Jet Thruster installed in his steel flatboat equipped with a bow thruster. For us this was the second time we have installed the system. For this reason it was quite a bit of work, but something does happen. In contrast with the propeller system you can install the pump in the engine room, or even under the bed. And we have seen by now that the Jet Thruster has plenty of power. Our client is perfectly satisfied, and the difference in noise can be described as a world of difference. That’s easily noticeable in such a combination. Another advantage is that the system can be installed in every type of material: steel, polyester, aluminium or wood. With a shallow draught it is even the only option. I’ll say it like this: our client has said that, if he is going to have a new ship designed, he wants a Jet Thruster in the bow and stern. Is that clear enough?”

“This makes manoeuvring incredibly easy”

BOW & STERN JT-30 COMBI  Required Kgf at 6 bft. : 27.5

Owner Pettersson:

The owner of this pre-war Pettersson, who requested not to be mentioned by name, relates his experiences: “When my wife and I saw the slim boat it was love at first sight. However, the old Volvo Penta engine that worked on leaded petrol didn’t appeal to us. We contacted Scheepsbouw Achterbos Theo Kok in Vinkeveen, the Netherlands to have them rebuild our Swedish wooden boat to ready it for electric sailing with a Mastervolt torpedo motor. No exhaust fumes and no engine noise – such are the consequences. The Jet Thruster, also driven by an electric motor, makes manoeuvring incredibly easy. This is convenient in confusing situations near bridges, at tight mooring places, in locks and in heavy traffic on the water. Initially we only had a JT-30 in the bow, but now we also have a water jet outlet in the stern, driven by that same pump. It was quite the investment, but to us it is a significant improvement, making sailing much easier.


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