View a selection of vessels the Jet Thruster has been installed in.

Our long vessel is easy to manoeuvre with the the Jet Thruster Dual.

BOW JT-90 SINGLE   Stern JT-50 SINGLE  Required Kgf at 6 bft. : 130.3

Holland Marine Parts Jet Thruster JT-90 / JT-50 in wooden SY Unique, demonstrated in the Kiel harbour.

Aligning your Rib in front of your trailer in windy conditions or currents suddenly becomes easy!

BOW JT-50 SINGLE  Stern   Required Kgf at 6 bft. : 19.6

Jet Thruster JT-50 in the bow of a Goldfish 29 Rib Tender. A Jet Thruster provides the additional control you need to safely dock your boat. Aligning your Rib in front of your trailer in windy conditions or currents suddenly becomes easy!

“Wooden Classics with shallow draft can have our versatile Thruster system installed in two days”

BOW STERN JT-30 COMBI  Required Kgf at 6 bft. : 27.8

Ihr Dr. W. Winkler: Wooden classic: Riva Ariston

Karyvo delivered excellent work, great team, precise, clean work, reliable, friendly, polite, and flexible.

I can issue only the very best testimony.

Also the Jet Thruster functions excellent.

At school in Germany we say :  A+  !!! 

“Scratches on mahogany, you don’t want that”

BOW – –  STERN JT-50 SINGLE  Required Kgf at 6 bft. : 40

Marco: Ventura 8.5

Marco is the owner-manager of Ventura B.V., a Dutch manufacturer, located in Geertruidenberg, of handcrafted wooden speed boats with a beautiful interplay of lines evoking nostalgic memories. But anyone who looks twice will see that Venturas have a timeless design. A stylish speed boat, always equipped with a powerful engine. Marco himself has installed a JT-30 in the bow of a Ventura 8.5, which stands for 8.5 metres in length: “The installation was fairly easily done. With the right holesaw for the nozzles and an epoxy treatment it is simple to make it watertight. It is, however, useful to have someone help you, I noticed. I placed the pump in the stern, because I had room there. I have to admit, the Jet Thruster is a unique product. Compared to a bow thruster the Jet Thruster makes hardly any sound at all, and the system is easily and intuitively controlled with the joy stick. It is just a matter of pushing the stick in the direction you want to move. All things considered I love the system. It is extremely useful in the harbour, especially when you want to moor at a narrow berth. Because the Ventura is a luxuriously equipped speed boat, I plan on installing a Jet Thruster in all new vessels we make – a unique system for a unique speed boat.”


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