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“In light of the limited room for installation in the hull,
the Jet Thruster offered us the ideal solution””

BOW JT-30 SINGLE   Stern  Required Kgf at 6 bft. : 26.1

Retro boat (Retro Tender)

In one of our models, the Retro Tender, we have had a Jet Thruster JT-30 installed, and we are extremely satisfied with it.
Due to the shallow draught it is fairly difficult to install a bow thruster into aluminium vessels. In view of the limited room for installation in the hull, the Jet Thruster offered us the ideal solution. The system works perfectly and is very quiet, besides.
In canals, especially, with lots of waiting involved due to the heavy traffic, it makes manoeuvring a breeze. In heavy winds or strong currents the slightest touch of the joy stick will get the boat back into the right position. Furthermore, it feels good to be able to make corrections when docking or turning around the vessel.

In short, it is a system that enables captains to keep the ship under control even in tricky, unusual situations.

“A fine system I can recommend to others”

BOW & STERN JT-50 COMBI   Required Kgf at 6 bft. : 45.3

Garmt Louw: Breedendam MTB 30

“As the owner of a Breedendam MTB 30, Garmt Louw has something special. The Breedendam was inspired by the Motor Torpedo Boat. This vessel was used by the English in WWII to swiftly fire torpedoes and then take off like greased lightning. You can see this same shape and the idea here. “The vessel does not have a rudder, but a revolving thruster. It is fast and light on the water, but manoeuvring is a different story altogether. My son and I have spent quite some time selecting the best system, and finally we arrived at the Jet Thruster, the JT-50 Dual. Since we have the engine in the stern we wanted to place as much weight as possible in the front, and the Jet Thruster made that possible for us. The systems works well. For instance, we use it to sail away from restaurants. First we use the Jet Thruster to move a hundred metres sideways from the landing, and only then do we start the motor, so we don’t bother anyone. It is similar to the Toyota Prius driving off electrically! We raise quite a lot of eyebrows doing so, and I gladly recommend this system to others. With hindsight I might have chosen the JT-70 for the extra power, but I am happy with this one as well, and the controls are flawless.”

“It adds to the manoeuvrability of the vessel”

BOW  STERN JT-50 SINGLE  Required Kgf at 6 bft. : 45.6

A. van der Wal: Tuna 38

Mr A. van der Wal and his wife have over sixty years of water sport experience, mainly with sailing yachts and, since 2004, with a motor yacht, the Tuna 38. In 2011 he had Karyvo install a Jet Thruster JT-50 into the stern, equipped with two 90º nozzles. “Because we mainly sailed together, and since the Tuna is rather wide, we required another system, in addition to the existing bow thruster. We are very pleased with the system. Combined with the bow thruster it works very well when mooring and sailing away.

It adds to the manoeuvrability of the vessel.” Due to our ceasing our water sport activities we have now sold the Tuna. What remains are sixty years of good memories to water sports.

“The system has been working for 1.5 years now, without even a single failure!”

BOW JT-50 SINGLE  Required Kgf at 6 bft. : 50

F. Ramirez, Palma de Mallorca, Spain: Beneteau Cyclades 39

I am the owner of a 39-foot sailing boat. My boat is located in the Palma de Mallorca harbour, in a very small berth, and with little space around the boat to manoeuvre in. I rent my boat in summer and my clients are not always expert sailors, so I needed a bow thruster. But which one to choose? I have many friends who complain about their bow thrusters because the propeller in front of the boat is always giving them problems, and very often it does not work properly due to many different factors (shell formation, plastic and rope entanglement, loose propeller, overheating, electronic problems, etc.), so finding the JET THRUSTER solution was great.

Also, not having to drill two big holes in my boat seemed a good idea, so I decided to try it. Hey! The system has been working for 1.5 years now, and without even a single failure! At first I was afraid that a JT-50 would not be powerful enough for my boat, but it turns out it works great on a 12-meter boat, and my clients all tell me that the system is fantastic. Now I get more bookings, and less damage is done to my boat!

“We have decided to become a Jet Thruster dealer””

BOW STERN JT-90 SINGLE Required Kgf at 6 bft. : 85

Ralph Berkmans: Grand Banks 42 Europa

Ralph Berkmans owns Breskens Yacht Service. This company has a summer & winter storage depot (8000 m² indoors) and is equipped for every conceivable maintenance activity, up to and including complete refits. In addition to recreational boating, Breskens Yacht Service also serves commercial shipping. For one of his own clients, Ralph has installed a JT-90 in the stern of a Grand Banks 42 Europa. Typical for this 13-metre ship is the fly-bridge. The Grand Banks therefore has double controls. Ralph: “There was already a bow thruster installed in the vessel. In conjunction with the JT-90 the ship has optimum manoeuvrability. Installation is relatively simple, even though the JT-90’s pump is fairly large. Some improvisation was required, because the JT-90 works on 24 volts, while the vessel is equipped with a 12-volt system. But we sorted all of that out. Due to the double controls I came up with a system that makes it possible to control the bow thruster and the Jet Thruster at the same time on both levels. This works perfectly. It is also true for the Jet Thruster itself; this system is powerful enough. The system’s purchase and installation requires a considerable investment, but I do think it is a fine system that is simple to install. After this first installation experience we, Breskens Yacht Service, have registered with Holland Marine Parts to become a Jet Thruster dealer.”


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