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"It adds to the manoeuvrability of the vessel"

Bow - - Stern JT-50 Single Required Kgf at 6 bft. : 45.6 Calculate your Jet Thruster

A. van der Wal: Tuna 38

Mr A. van der Wal and his wife have over sixty years of water sport experience, mainly with sailing yachts and, since 2004, with a motor yacht, the Tuna 38. In 2011 he had Karyvo install a Jet Thruster JT-50 into the stern, equipped with two 90º nozzles. "Because we mainly sailed together, and since the Tuna is rather wide, we required another system, in addition to the existing bow thruster. We are very pleased with the system. Combined with the bow thruster it works very well when mooring and sailing away.

It adds to the manoeuvrability of the vessel." Due to our ceasing our water sport activities we have now sold the Tuna. What remains are sixty years of good memories to water sports.

"We have decided to become a Jet Thruster dealer"

Bow - - Stern JT-90 Single Required Kgf at 6 bft. : 85 Calculate your Jet Thruster

Ralph Berkmans: Grand Banks 42 Europa

Ralph Berkmans owns Breskens Yacht Service. This company has a summer & winter storage depot (8000 m² indoors) and is equipped for every conceivable maintenance activity, up to and including complete refits. In addition to recreational boating, Breskens Yacht Service also serves commercial shipping. For one of his own clients, Ralph has installed a JT-90 in the stern of a Grand Banks 42 Europa. Typical for this 13-metre ship is the fly-bridge. The Grand Banks therefore has double controls. Ralph: "There was already a bow thruster installed in the vessel. In conjunction with the JT-90 the ship has optimum manoeuvrability. Installation is relatively simple, even though the JT-90's pump is fairly large. Some improvisation was required, because the JT-90 works on 24 volts, while the vessel is equipped with a 12-volt system. But we sorted all of that out. Due to the double controls I came up with a system that makes it possible to control the bow thruster and the Jet Thruster at the same time on both levels. This works perfectly. It is also true for the Jet Thruster itself; this system is powerful enough. The system's purchase and installation requires a considerable investment, but I do think it is a fine system that is simple to install. After this first installation experience we, Breskens Yacht Service, have registered with Holland Marine Parts to become a Jet Thruster dealer."

“The Beauty and the Beast”

Bow - - Stern JT-50 Single Required Kgf at 6 bft. : 45.4 Calculate your Jet Thruster

Hans Webbink: Bronson 36 Islander

Hans Webbink, owner of Steel Yachts in Steenwijk, the Netherlands, talks about the Bronson 36 Islander, a very exceptional 10.55-metre tender. The tender, manufactured from lightweight aluminium, comes with every conceivable luxury. But the main attraction has to be the back, which unfolds into a giant deck. By anchoring or using spud poles we can create an island. Truly special. He says: "For optimal manoeuvring, in the early development stage we opted for a bow thruster in the bow and a JT-50 in the stern. Both systems perform excellently, but the difference in sound is tremendous. If you first start the Jet Thruster and then the bow thruster, the difference in sound is like the Beauty and the Beast. The Bronson 36 Island, now available for order, is fully custom made, save for the collapsible side panels. Our clients can therefore choose themselves what they do and do not want - the possibilities are endless. However, we will recommend our clients to install a Jet Thruster in the bow and stern. In closing, I cannot refrain from saying that with this tender we have been nominated for the title of European Motorboat of the Year!"

"Selbst bei starkem Seitenwind lässt sich das Boot sehr gut manövrieren"

Bow - - Stern JT-50 Single Required Kgf at 6 bft. : 50.4 Calculate your Jet Thruster


Wir haben das JT50 – System in unserer PINASSE 46 als Heckstrahlruder eingebaut und sind von den Eigenschaften und der Zuverlässigkeit überzeugt. Im Heckbereich bietet die PINASSE nicht viel Platz unter der Wasserlinie – das System war daher die ideale Lösung. Der Eigner ist sehr zufrieden mit der Leistungsfähigkeit, selbst bei starkem Seitenwind lässt sich das Boot sehr gut manövrieren.

"No additional resistance; prevents greater fuel consumption"

Bow - - Stern JT-50 Single Required Kgf at 6 bft. : 43.7 Calculate your Jet Thruster

Bert de Jonge: Greenline 33 Hybrid

"The Greenline 33 Hybrid was designed for optimal sailing efficiency," says Bert de Jonge. "The light weight and the small rudder make it possible to sail fast, with little resistance. It is no more than logical the vessel will be blown about when sailing slowly. We already had a bow thruster in the front, but for sailing backwards, in particular, I wanted something more. That is why I had Karyvo install a JT-50 in the stern. The Jet Thruster can be used for just that little extra push. By using both systems at once I can even manoeuvre it in just such a way to park the boat sideways. The silent operation of the Jet Thruster truly makes people look up and ask themselves how I'm doing it. I will honestly say the system costs a pretty buck, but what you get is quality, and trouble-free operation. So despite the investment I don't regret buying it. Rather, if it were up to me, I would have another one installed. An important reason for me to opt for the Jet Thruster instead of a propeller system, especially taking into account the vessel's design, was not to create any additional resistance. Not just for the retention of speed, but also to prevent greater fuel consumption."