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“Selbst bei starkem Seitenwind lässt sich das Boot sehr gut manövrieren”

BOW SINGLE JT-50 SINGLE  Required Kgf at 6 bft. : 50.4


Wir haben das JT50 – System in unserer PINASSE 46 als Heckstrahlruder eingebaut und sind von den Eigenschaften und der Zuverlässigkeit überzeugt. Im Heckbereich bietet die PINASSE nicht viel Platz unter der Wasserlinie – das System war daher die ideale Lösung. Der Eigner ist sehr zufrieden mit der Leistungsfähigkeit, selbst bei starkem Seitenwind lässt sich das Boot sehr gut manövrieren.

“No additional resistance; prevents greater fuel consumption”

BOW JT-50 SINGLE  Required Kgf at 6 bft. : 43.7

Bert de Jonge: Greenline 33 Hybrid

“The Greenline 33 Hybrid was designed for optimal sailing efficiency,” says Bert de Jonge. “The light weight and the small rudder make it possible to sail fast, with little resistance. It is no more than logical the vessel will be blown about when sailing slowly. We already had a bow thruster in the front, but for sailing backwards, in particular, I wanted something more. That is why I had Karyvo install a JT-50 in the stern. The Jet Thruster can be used for just that little extra push. By using both systems at once I can even manoeuvre it in just such a way to park the boat sideways. The silent operation of the Jet Thruster truly makes people look up and ask themselves how I’m doing it. I will honestly say the system costs a pretty buck, but what you get is quality, and trouble-free operation. So despite the investment I don’t regret buying it. Rather, if it were up to me, I would have another one installed. An important reason for me to opt for the Jet Thruster instead of a propeller system, especially taking into account the vessel’s design, was not to create any additional resistance. Not just for the retention of speed, but also to prevent greater fuel consumption.”

“The efficiency is even better than expected and the customer is quite happy with this solution”

BOW  STERN JT-90 SINGLE  Required Kgf at 6 bft. : 43.7

A. Jacob, Koejac Yachting, Strasbourg France

The customer during the building of his boat decided too late to order one stern thruster for his Adagio 40 Sundeck and there were no way add a standard one then we thought at the Jet thruster. It is always complicate to install afterward such kind of equipment but because you can easily split the parts, the installation of this Jet thruster was quite easy. We fit the main pump in the engine room with the water inlet. We pull one big hose through the aft bulkhead on which we fitted the 3 way valve and on each side in the stern the water out lets. The efficiency is even better than expected and the customer is quite happy with this solution. Also one big advantage of this system is the low noise level which was a big surprise and the customer regret now to not getting this installation in the bow as well.

“Personally I really appreciate the noiseless operation of the Jet Thruster”

BOW & STERN JT-50 COMBI  Required Kgf at 6 bft. : 48.2

Frederik: Jet Thruster in Bow and Stern
I believe that the Jet Thruster brings another dimension of boating! The boating people of today is demanding a comfortable stay onboard and when maneuvering the boat. The boats are getting bigger and the marinas and guest harbors are becoming more crowded which requires more skilled skippers to avoid incidents.

Personally I really appreciate the noiseless operation of the Jet Thruster, especially when making my way into a narrow guest harbor late at night when the other boat owners are socializing in their cockpits and don´t want to be disturbed by the awful noise a traditional bow thruster makes. Another situation where I really appreciate my combi Jet Thruster is when leaving a pier from where I have been moored long side. Since the swim platform on my boat is extended a consideration always has to be made not to touch the pier when departing, but with my combi Jet Thruster I can push myself parallel out from the pier which really makes life easier…

“Installing it into a Bayliner yourself is quite doable”

BOW JT-50 SINGLE  Required Kgf at 6 bft. : 45.3

Bart Graafmans:
Bart Graafmans owns a 1998 Bayliner 2858 Command Bridge, a 10-metre lightweight stretching out 3 metres above the water. “It is a fantastic, fast and complete boat, but its height makes it catch a lot of wind when sailing.” Bart Graafmans went looking for a system he could install himself. He therefore decided not on a bow thruster but on the Jet Thruster JT-50. “I only had the orifices drilled by a professional.” This is a precision job you’d best have done right, so I gladly left this task to the expert. Graafmans admits that you do need some technical insight for the installation: “You basically get a complete installation package including all the connecting materials. Then you need to figure out where to best put the parts on the ship. Let me put it this way: I’ve seen the inside of every cupboard during the installation. Then I also ordered and installed the optional electrical bleed valve. This completes the system for my type of vessel. I placed the joy stick close to the throttle, and when docking or in locks I make grateful use of it.” Bart has placed the pump behind the engine room, and the valve system all the way up front. “You can decide yourself where and how to place the system. I like this a lot about the Jet Thruster. I also completely concealed the hose system. That took me quite some time. My advice: do not rush anything and work systematically, then the installation is quite doable. You will save on installation costs and in the end you’ll have a very convenient system on your ship. I am therefore highly satisfied with it.”


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