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“In light of the limited room for installation in the hull,
the Jet Thruster offered us the ideal solution”

BOW JT-30 SINGLE STERN – – Required Kgf at 6 bft. : 26.1

Retro boat (Retro Tender)

In one of our models, the Retro Tender, we have had a Jet Thruster JT-30 installed, and we are extremely satisfied with it.
Due to the shallow draught it is fairly difficult to install a bow thruster into aluminium vessels. In view of the limited room for installation in the hull, the Jet Thruster offered us the ideal solution. The system works perfectly and is very quiet, besides.
In canals, especially, with lots of waiting involved due to the heavy traffic, it makes manoeuvring a breeze. In heavy winds or strong currents the slightest touch of the joy stick will get the boat back into the right position. Furthermore, it feels good to be able to make corrections when docking or turning around the vessel.

In short, it is a system that enables captains to keep the ship under control even in tricky, unusual situations.

“Unique system for a unique speed boat”

BOW JT-30 SINGLE — STERN — Required Kgf at 6 bft. : 25.3

Marco: Ventura 8.5

Marco is the owner-manager of Ventura B.V., a Dutch manufacturer, located in Geertruidenberg, of handcrafted wooden speed boats with a beautiful interplay of lines evoking nostalgic memories. But anyone who looks twice will see that Venturas have a timeless design. A stylish speed boat, always equipped with a powerful engine. Marco himself has installed a JT-30 in the bow of a Ventura 8.5, which stands for 8.5 metres in length: “The installation was fairly easily done. With the right holesaw for the nozzles and an epoxy treatment it is simple to make it watertight. It is, however, useful to have someone help you, I noticed. I placed the pump in the stern, because I had room there. I have to admit, the Jet Thruster is a unique product. Compared to a bow thruster the Jet Thruster makes hardly any sound at all, and the system is easily and intuitively controlled with the joy stick. It is just a matter of pushing the stick in the direction you want to move. All things considered I love the system. It is extremely useful in the harbour, especially when you want to moor at a narrow berth. Because the Ventura is a luxuriously equipped speed boat, I plan on installing a Jet Thruster in all new vessels we make – a unique system for a unique speed boat.”


“If necessary the pump can even fit under the bed”

BOW JT-30 SINGLE — STERN —  Required Kgf at 6 bft. : 25

Michel Clemonts: 

Given the relative newness of the system it is possible the client explicitly asks for a Jet Thruster. That was Michel Clemonts’ experience, who owns H2O Sports Strand Horst in Ermelo, the Netherlands. “Our client wanted to have a Jet Thruster installed in his steel flatboat equipped with a bow thruster. For us this was the second time we have installed the system. For this reason it was quite a bit of work, but something does happen. In contrast with the propeller system you can install the pump in the engine room, or even under the bed. And we have seen by now that the Jet Thruster has plenty of power. Our client is perfectly satisfied, and the difference in noise can be described as a world of difference. That’s easily noticeable in such a combination. Another advantage is that the system can be installed in every type of material: steel, polyester, aluminium or wood. With a shallow draught it is even the only option. I’ll say it like this: our client has said that, if he is going to have a new ship designed, he wants a Jet Thruster in the bow and stern. Is that clear enough?”

“This makes manoeuvring incredibly easy”

BOW & STERN JT-30 COMBI   Required Kgf at 6 bft. : 27.5

Owner Pettersson:

The owner of this pre-war Pettersson, who requested not to be mentioned by name, relates his experiences: “When my wife and I saw the slim boat it was love at first sight. However, the old Volvo Penta engine that worked on leaded petrol didn’t appeal to us. We contacted Scheepsbouw Achterbos Theo Kok in Vinkeveen, the Netherlands to have them rebuild our Swedish wooden boat to ready it for electric sailing with a Mastervolt torpedo motor. No exhaust fumes and no engine noise – such are the consequences. The Jet Thruster, also driven by an electric motor, makes manoeuvring incredibly easy. This is convenient in confusing situations near bridges, at tight mooring places, in locks and in heavy traffic on the water. Initially we only had a JT-30 in the bow, but now we also have a water jet outlet in the stern, driven by that same pump. It was quite the investment, but to us it is a significant improvement, making sailing much easier.

“Installing it into a Bayliner yourself is quite doable”

BOW JT-50 SINGLE – – STERN – –   Required Kgf at 6 bft. : 45.3

Bart Graafmans:
Bart Graafmans owns a 1998 Bayliner 2858 Command Bridge, a 10-metre lightweight stretching out 3 metres above the water. “It is a fantastic, fast and complete boat, but its height makes it catch a lot of wind when sailing.” Bart Graafmans went looking for a system he could install himself. He therefore decided not on a bow thruster but on the Jet Thruster JT-50. “I only had the orifices drilled by a professional.” This is a precision job you’d best have done right, so I gladly left this task to the expert. Graafmans admits that you do need some technical insight for the installation: “You basically get a complete installation package including all the connecting materials. Then you need to figure out where to best put the parts on the ship. Let me put it this way: I’ve seen the inside of every cupboard during the installation. Then I also ordered and installed the optional electrical bleed valve. This completes the system for my type of vessel. I placed the joy stick close to the throttle, and when docking or in locks I make grateful use of it.” Bart has placed the pump behind the engine room, and the valve system all the way up front. “You can decide yourself where and how to place the system. I like this a lot about the Jet Thruster. I also completely concealed the hose system. That took me quite some time. My advice: do not rush anything and work systematically, then the installation is quite doable. You will save on installation costs and in the end you’ll have a very convenient system on your ship. I am therefore highly satisfied with it.”


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