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“Wooden Classics with shallow draft can have our versatile Thruster system installed in two days”

BOW & STERN JT-30  Required Kgf at 6 bft. : 27.8

Ihr Dr. W. Winkler: Wooden classic: Riva Ariston

Karyvo delivered excellent work, great team, precise, clean work, reliable, friendly, polite, and flexible.

I can issue only the very best testimony.

Also the Jet Thruster functions excellent.

At school in Germany we say :  A+  !!! 

“Scratches on mahogany, you don’t want that”

BOW STERN JT-50 SINGLE  Required Kgf at 6 bft. : 40

Charlie van der Veer:
The design of a Rapsody 29 OC is similar to a 1932 Petterson. Charlie van der Veer is the owner of this fine massive 2000 mahogany Rapsody. He leaves no doubt: “Scratches on mahogany, you don’t want that. Such a scratch gets dark. If it gets lighter you can darken it, but the other way around doesn’t work. That’s why in 2008 I had Karst Braaksma from Karyvo in Sneek, the Netherlands, install the Jet Thruster’s predecessor as an addition to the existing bow thruster. A good system, in principle, but the complicated electronics were sensitive to interference and in 2012 the valve turned out to be completely stuck. Karst then rebuilt the valve and control system to the level of the current Jet Thruster, and now it all works to my full satisfaction. I chose the Jet Thruster because the system works so silently. This is a major advantage compared to the propeller. The control system with two joy sticks on the dashboard make the system very easy to control, also in combination with the bow thruster. Moving sideways or rotating around the axis in a narrow channel – you can do it all. Noisy in front and silent in the back, but at least no scratches!”

“We supply the Jet Thruster as an ex works option”

BOW& STERN  JT-50 COMBI  Required Kgf at 6 bft. : 50.4

Bart Heemskerk:

The sloops of Jan van Gent from Aalsmeer, the Netherlands: almost everyone knows these fine vessels. They are quality sloops to relax in, but, thanks to their powerful motor, they are also suitable for sailing 45 kph. Owner Bart Heemskerk: “We make high demands for our products and the /components were use. When you order one of our sloops, you always get a very complete package at no additional cost. We supply the Jet Thruster JT-50 Dual as an ex works option. We recommend the Dual, since, in view of the necessary investment and compared to the surplus costs, it is better to install the system in the bow and stern both. At this moment 25 per cent of the 10.35 Jan van Gent sloops ordered are equipped with the Jet Thruster system. Installing it in a sloop which has seen previous use is theoretically among the possibilities, but in such a case the installation costs are relatively high. The performance is fine, but you do need a JT-50. This is also to do with the deep trim of the heel. Quite a bit of water needs to be moved there. The Dual ensures that the system is optimally suited for the Jan van Gent. Our clients tell us they are happy with the system’s silent operation, because it guarantees that when mooring at an outdoor café you don’t draw too much attention with your bow thruster, which invariably makes the sound of a coffee grinder.”

“Personally I really appreciate the noiseless operation of the Jet Thruster”

BOW & STERN JT-50 COMBI   Required Kgf at 6 bft. : 48.2

Frederik: Jet Thruster in Bow and Stern
I believe that the Jet Thruster brings another dimension of boating! The boating people of today is demanding a comfortable stay onboard and when maneuvering the boat. The boats are getting bigger and the marinas and guest harbors are becoming more crowded which requires more skilled skippers to avoid incidents.

Personally I really appreciate the noiseless operation of the Jet Thruster, especially when making my way into a narrow guest harbor late at night when the other boat owners are socializing in their cockpits and don´t want to be disturbed by the awful noise a traditional bow thruster makes. Another situation where I really appreciate my combi Jet Thruster is when leaving a pier from where I have been moored long side. Since the swim platform on my boat is extended a consideration always has to be made not to touch the pier when departing, but with my combi Jet Thruster I can push myself parallel out from the pier which really makes life easier…


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