View a selection of vessels the Jet Thruster has been installed in.

Classic Pettersson wooden boat

BOW JT-50   Stern  Required Kgf at 6 bft. : 38

Lagoon 40FT – Easy docking with our Jet Thruster

BOW JT-90   Stern  Required Kgf at 6 bft. : 139.7

Xomnia self-driving boat – a special project

BOWBOW & STERN JT-50   Required Kgf at 6 bft. : 38.4

Jet Thruster is an indispensable part

When we look at developments on the road, big changes are ahead of us. Electrical transmission is all the rage and self-driving cars are here to stay. But how are the developments in the maritime sector? Pieter Boon and Paul van Hagen are with Xomnia, a company located in the heart of Amsterdam, didn’t hesitate for a moment and decided to provide counterbalance on water in the form of developing a self-driving boat. Holland Marine Parts also takes part in this innovative project by supplying a dubbel JT50 single.

Technical aspects

You’ll need reliable parts to start off with. During the transition, the Harding lifeboat has been equipped with two E-thrusters, Jet Thrusters and a sufficient battery package of 48V. The diesel engine will remain available to use, as the engine, prop shaft and rudder steering are still there. During sailing, when only the E-Thrusters and Jet Thrusters are operating, the software continuously analyzes the images livestream of the 5 webcams and learns from how the skipper reacts on various situations. In turn this provides a visual observation, whereby every change around the boat is being noted and is being compared in realtime with the pre-learned images. 

Read more about this project in our magazine.

“I can recommend the Jet Thruster to anyone”

BOW JT-30 SINGLE  Stern Required Kgf at 6 bft. : 22.1

Patrick Noppen: MasterCraft X-30

Patrick Noppen realises all too well that luxuries don’t just fall into your lap. Only through hard work can you afford luxuries such as the MasterCraft X-30, a spacious and luxurious speedboat of American make. “The performance on the water is amazing. We are enjoying it immensely. We found only one disadvantage: the propeller shaft construction, combined with the high power, made manoeuvring a bit tricky, especially in cramped spaces. That’s why, in February 2012, I had the Jet Thruster JT-30 installed in the stern.

Ever since I started to sail my MasterCraft with the Jet Thruster, docking has become much easier. Therefore I can recommend the Jet Thruster to anyone.”

Mastercraft X-Star Jet Thruster JT-30

BOW JT-30 SINGLE  STERN Required Kgf at 6 bft. : 25.2


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