Marine propulsion is a technique or a system that produces a thrust to maneuver a boat across the ocean. When it comes to powering a vessel, there are 3 most popular systems available for the boat owners to propel a boat: Sterndrive, Outboard, and jet thruster systems. What makes jet thruster unique? What’s the difference between these 3 types of propulsion? Which one is ideal for your boat? This article will help you to understand the difference between these propulsion systems in Long Beach, CA.

Types of Propulsion System

  • Sterndrives Engines

While outboard engines are designed specifically for use in ships, sterndrive engines are automotive machines that have been upgraded for use in boats. Instead of driving a car’s wheels, the engine turns the propeller of a vessel. A sterndrive is a good option for those who want their boat to have a cleaner appearance. There is no powerhead sticking up at the back of the vessel because the engine is placed within the boat.

  • Outboard Boat Engines

Outboard engines are self-contained systems that include everything required to propel a vessel. The propeller is at the bottom of the powerhead, with the motor on top. The entire unit is connected to the boat at the stern, and the steering wheel is used to direct the thrust in the desired direction. Outboards are fuel efficient due to their better power-to-weight ratios, which are considerably lighter per pound of thrust. They’re also very silent systems.


An outboard engine can be the best option for you if you’re fishing or want to be able to interact with other boat owners while sailing. Finally, because the outboard engine is mounted on the transom, vessels with outboard engines have extra floor space. This means that no engine parts must be kept inside the vessel (though floor area will vary depending on the type of boat you choose).

  • Jet Thruster System

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The mechanics of a jet thruster system is quite different from both the sterndrive and the outboard engines. Instead of a rotor turning the water and generating thrust, the boat is propelled forward by a jet of water. The impeller on the motor rotates, pulling water in and expelling it out in a high-pressure stream. The jet thruster system performs better and there is no cavitation or loud noise.

One of the most important benefits of using a jet thruster system in your boat is that you can navigate far deeper waters than sterndrives and outboard engines. Jet boats are less prone to damage because there is no external propeller or extra mechanical components. They are comparatively powerful, fast, and efficient. Installing a jet thruster system is the best solution for you if you enjoy fishing in rivers with shallow areas in Long Beach, CA.


Things you must consider while choosing the best Thruster in Long Beach, CA

The boat owners need to understand that most boats do not come with every type of engine. Because hulls and other mechanical or structural characteristics are manufactured with specific engine types, it’s rare for a boat model to include all three types of engines as an option. An outboard-powered vessel will have room for it on the transom, whereas a jet boat will have a large compartment for the jet unit and engine. Some designs or hulls are available in different configurations for different engines, however, this is unusual. Do you want to know more about what to look for in a boat before you buy one? Contact Jet Thruster America for expert advice on which thruster will be ideal for your boat.