New and Innovative Thruster in San Jose, CA

How Innovative Jet Thruster’s Digital Controller boosts your Boat’s Performance in San Jose, CA?

 When selecting the thruster system for your boat, there are many factors to consider including weight, durability, power to efficiency, size, reliability, maintenance, and flexibility of integration. All of this can make the process more complicated, but it does not have to be. Jet Thruster America has been manufacturing high-quality innovative water jet thruster systems that satisfy customer needs and all of these factors. Our Digital Strategy is the basis of the new and innovative water jet thrusters, where collaboration and cutting-edge digital technology come together to manufacture products that are more practical, safe, productive, and have a lower environmental effect. In this article, we will discuss digitalization and automation in the new and innovative jet thruster system that boosts your boat’s performance and maneuverability in San Jose, CA.

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Jet Thruster America Provides Digital Solution

In the domain of the watercraft propulsion system, the Jet Thruster system is one of the most advanced thrusters that are extensively used by many boaters in San Jose, CA. In the conventional marine propulsion systems, electrical controllers were used which are less efficient. Jet Thruster America eliminates this problem and upgrades the electric controller to a customized digital controller. Holland Marine Parts’ striving hard to improve steering, navigation, and its ultimate implementation. Customers usually have a bow thruster and prefer to use a Jet Thruster as a stern thruster. Many vessels are fitted with a bow thruster, but not always with a stern thruster because it’s not always attainable. Thus, a new and innovative jet thruster provides a practicable solution as it is well adapted for use as a stern thruster. 

  • Boat’s System Control and Automation

One of the major advantages of Jet Thruster’s digital controllers is to control your boat’s maneuverability and automate your routine operations. A digital controller is a compact device that makes it simple to regulate the direction, performance, environmental effects, temperature, and location of your boat. Jet thrusters equipped with digital controllers can be used in a wide range of applications where automation and high accuracy are required. In a digital controller, the use of microprocessors and computers to process signals enables you to handle the movement of your boat.  

Why are Jet Thruster’s Digital Controllers a Miracle?

Why Digital Controller a miracle? The digital controller is the heart of the modern and innovative jet thruster systems that eliminates a lot of challenges by offering a state-of-the-art solution that boosts your boat’s performance and efficiency. It is ideal for both single and combined configurations. It usually requires a 12V DC power supply. These controllers can also be used as a standard bow thruster controller. This has two major benefits:

  • The system is now easier and more efficient to plug and play than ever before, and connectivity with the existing bow thruster is allowed at the same time.
  • The future of marine automation is reflected by the modular structure and industry-leading security features of digital controllers.

The Jet Thruster America’s Digital Control System is founded on a completely customized user experience. A modern and elegant boat automation solution will be implemented via unique user interface options. The boaters can control the boat’s mechanical components from the tiller. From checking engine status to adjusting cabin lighting for the evening, it gives the commander and passengers complete control, enabling them to concentrate on getting underway and enjoying the journey. If you are a boat owner and want to buy a new and innovative jet thruster for your boat, we are here to guide you and assist you in selecting the appropriate jet thruster for your boat.


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