New and Innovative Thruster in San Francisco, CA

New and Innovative Jet Thruster in San Francisco, CA

The jet thruster is a ground-breaking technology that is growing rapidly and can be used by many operators in their vessels. The technology can be employed as a Bow Thruster, Stern Thruster, or a combination of both to offer a unique “docking experience”. The new and innovative Jet Thrusters manufactured by Jet Thruster America reduce maintenance requirements and boost sustainability for owners of high-speed commercial boats, passenger vessels, motor yachts, patrol boats, sailboats, and other shallow-draft water crafts seeking robustness along with reliability and high performance. In this article, we will discuss why water jet thrusters are getting more momentum than traditional propellers in San Francisco, California. 


Why are Jet Thrusters so popular in San Francisco, CA?

Jet Thruster is one of the appropriate and perfect Bow and Stern Thrusters in the market. They are the improved versions of typical maritime propulsion systems and are more reliable, versatile, and efficient. Jet Thrusters are popular in San Francisco due to the following reasons:

  • Greater Efficiency and Low Operational Costs

When compared to traditional propulsion systems, Jet Thruster America’s unique water jet thrusters are designed for vessels that offer efficiency and greater performance for speeds above 25 knots and minimize the potential risk of grounding or destroying the system in a shallow-draft watercraft. Due to the integrated steering and reversing system with fast response time, they also provide improved maneuverability than CPP and FPP propellers. Moreover, water jet thrusters reduce vibration and noise, making passengers travel more comfortable and peaceful. The inlet position of the hydraulic system reduces operational costs, maintenance requirements, and provides easy access, eliminating the need for dry-docking, resulting in lower lifetime costs for operators.

  • High Performance 

The use of digital technology in jet thrusters improves performance. The new and innovative jet thrusters have DPS installed in them along with the sensors that are responsible for collecting the real-time data from the jets. The real-time data includes the direction, location, and steering angle of the vessel that helps in regulating the vessel. It also provides signals regarding environmental factors such as windstorms and adverse weather. If the data goes beyond the standard parameters, the DPS sends an alert to the operators. Thus, improving maneuverability, operability, and maintenance of the vessel. 

  • Minimizing installation time and Ensuring long-term operations

The jet thrusters built by Jet Thruster America are the most robust waterjet package currently available in the market, and they were manufactured with ease of installation. The product includes an inlet, compact steering and reversing unit, pumps, hydraulic systems, and a thrust bearing. This results in a risk-free and fast installation that saves your valuable time while simultaneously reducing expenses, and can be performed in a smaller marina and on hulls made of different materials. The lightweight, compact and tiny waterjets provide high levels of durability, sustainability, and reliability, with considerable redundancy integrated into the system to ensure that processes run as smoothly as possible even if faults arise.

Jet Thruster America

Jet Thruster America is a leading manufacturer of new and innovative jet thrusters. We are committed to leading the market toward a fully renewable and sustainable future by offering high-quality products and services. Our leading products are propulsion and waterjet thruster systems, bow and stern thrusters, motor yachts, sailboats, and hybrid technology that deliver consistency, safety, and environmentally friendly performance. Water jet thruster is a fully integrated and innovative solution that is more effective than conventional marine propulsion systems. They help operators with challenging moves by providing automated capabilities and a dynamic positioning system, enabling operators to control their vessels in a completely digitalized and automated manner. Thus, they provide an easy and better docking experience. These intelligent technologies save skippers and operators time and effort by enabling them to replicate operations flawlessly every time, while also minimizing operational costs, reducing wastage, and improving predictability, productivity, and safety.

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