New and Innovative Thruster in Quincy, MA

Why Hydraulic Jet Thruster speeds towards Innovation in Quincy, MA?

What are Hydraulic Jet Thrusters?

The hydraulic jet thrusters are long-lasting and reliable jet thrusters that give great maneuverability and excellent control in challenging situations. Hydraulic thrusters can be used in almost any type of vessel where a bow or stern hydraulic thruster is required. The primary goal of new and innovative hydraulic jet thrusters, regardless of the type you choose, is to provide lateral movement, which enables boat operators for improved management and control when maneuvering through tighter spaces. This article will explain why the innovative technology of hydraulic jet thruster is useful for boat owners in Quincy, Massachusetts.

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Components of Hydraulic Jet Thrusters

The major power source in a boat’s hydraulic system is usually a hydraulic pump, which is the most essential component attached to the main engine or gearbox power take-off (PTO). It’s sometimes clutched to the generator. If you’re retrofitting an innovative hydraulic system, be sure your engine has a large enough Power Take-off or that you can retrofit one. Sometimes there is a barrier, such as an exhaust, that restricts the hydraulic pump from being mounted. In such situations, there is an alternative option of installing the pump on the front of the transmission away.

The second most critical component of the hydraulic jet thruster is the hydraulic oil reservoir. The reservoir contains oil in the same manner as a battery stores electrons, and it is kept clean by using filters. Internal or external heat converters keep the hydraulic reservoir cold, allowing it to operate for an extended period. Hydraulic Jet thruster’s third most important component is a control valve, which, analogous to a relay on a DC thruster, distributes oil to the engine in one of two directions: up or down for a windlass engine, starboard or port for a thruster, and so on. The fourth component is the hydraulic motor. Finally, the fifth component is the hydraulic hoses, that connect the oil tank to the PTO pump, which compresses the oil, then to the hydraulic valve, and finally to the motor.

Hydraulic Motors

 The hydraulic jet thruster system is completed by joystick, DC control circuit breaker, control panel, Controller Area Network (CAN bus), and finally the hydraulic controller. The basic core hydraulic system (pump, cooler, tank, and filters) is the same whether you’re operating a single hydraulic thruster or 10 hydraulic functions. You can control multiple devices from a centralized hydraulic system, including windlasses, gangway, bow thruster, crane, stern thruster, steering system, capstans, fire pump, emergency bilge pump, and so on. It’s cost-effective and easy to add multiple components (second, third, up to the tenth component) once the core components are in place. All you need to do is add some hoses and a valve.

Why should you go with a Hydraulic Jet Thruster?

Jet Thruster America is one of the top manufacturers of new and innovative jet thrusters. In the form of Hydraulic Jet Thrusters, we provide a seamless solution for Quincy boat operators to maneuver the boat more effectively. 

You should go with Jet Thruster America’s Hydraulic thrusters for the following reasons:

  • A new and innovative Hydraulic technology for enhanced propeller control, speed, and performance.
  • Auger-design propeller for optimum thrust in all directions.
  • Bronze composition for long-term use and stability.
  • Low maintenance requirements.
  • Cost-effective solution.

Applications of Hydraulic Jet Thrusters

In Quincy, MA, numerous boat operators use hydraulic jet thrusters for enhanced control and maneuvering. The hydraulic jet thrusters manufactured by Jet Thruster America are CE-compliant and durable. These systems are applicable in various types of vessels including:  

  • Passenger Boats 
  • OSVs Vessels
  • Military vessels
  • Pleasure boats
  • Supply Vessels 
  • Motor and Sailing Yachts


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