New and Innovative Thruster in Fort Lauderdale, FL

What makes Jet Thrusters more Appealing to boat owners in Fort Lauderdale, FL?

Water jets thrusters are not limited to thrill-seeking water-skiing anymore. Larger vessels and heavy watercraft are now adopting the new and innovative technology for water jet propulsion systems in a variety of applications, so what’s driving the trend? The jet thruster technology has previously been utilized in smaller boats like cruise liners, and jet boats operated by the navy, coast guards, and others. However, since, 2000, jet thruster technology has been progressively adopted by larger vessels, such as military ships, ferries, and war vessels. But what makes the jet thrusters more advanced and desirable in these fields than conventional propellers? In this article, we will talk about the innovations and developments made by Jet thrusters in recent years and what makes them more appealing to operators in Fort Lauderdale, FL. 

Jet Thrusters – What’s the Trend?

Marine propellers, when combined with stabilizers, have typically been the major technique of driving and positioning a boat. However, since 2000, advancements and innovations have been made in the field of propellers to enhance the usefulness of conventional marine propellers. The new water jet thruster technology has initially been used in deep, fast-flowing streams where propellers could hit the bottom. In Fort Lauderdale, surface effect vessels, Patrol boats, motor yachts, and hydrofoils are among the marine vessels that utilize this technology.

Jet thrusters work on the phenomenon of Newton’s third law of motion which states that “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” The reaction created when water is propelled backward provides a propulsive thrust. In a jet boat, the release of a high-velocity jet stream creates an opposing reaction force, which is transmitted through the jet unit’s body to the vessel’s hull, propelling it in the forward direction.

Applications of Jet Thruster

  • United States Navy Vessels

According to the US Naval Institute, the US Navy uses jet thruster systems in its Virginia-class fast-attack submarines because the jet propellers are quieter than conventional propeller-driven submarines.

  • Dynamic Positioning System 

Another major application for water jet thruster is in marine dynamic positioning systems, which are used as a substitute for jack-up barges or classical anchors in deep water or where there are obstacles on the seafloor such as cables, pipelines, and risers in the oil and offshore wind industries.

In Fort Lauderdale, FL, the new and innovative jet thruster technology is used in a computer-controlled system to control a boat’s position and direction. It does it by integrating complex location reference systems (more sophisticated than those used for navigation) with motion sensors, wind sensors, and gyrocompasses, all of which provide signals to the boat’s computer about the boat’s location and the impact of environmental forces. The system determines the thruster output and an appropriate steering angle for each thruster based on these signals.

Growth of Innovative Jet Thrusters in a Global Market

According to Allied Research Data, the entire global market for the new and innovative jet thrusters having marine dynamic positioning systems installed will grow from $1,594 million (£1,282 million) in 2015 to $2,127 million (£1,711 million) in 2022. Because of their greater cost and extended replacement cycle duration, jet thruster systems contributed 34% of revenue at the time of its launch and were predicted to continue their leading position (above power and control systems).

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