Do you want more maneuverability and control? Do you have trouble making tight turns? Add a bow and stern thruster to solve this problem. But what if you don’t have enough space to build a tunnel? At that point, you may need to think about the water Jet Thruster system. Jet Thruster was a novel idea a few years ago, but now we see more vessels, particularly Master crafts are now utilizing water jets. The new and innovative jet thruster system provides you with the complete control you need. Make it simple and interesting to align your speedboat in front of the trailer!

new and innovative water jet thrusters

The Jet Thruster is easy to mount and can be used on almost any vessel! Jet Thruster is powered by a revolutionary battery-operated motor that produces no noise! The only sound you hear is the sound of water being expelled. One of the core benefits of using the new and innovative jet thruster technology is that its installation does not necessitate a large diameter pipe cut into the hull. In this article, we will talk about the significant facts about the jet thrusters and why you should go with this innovative technology in St. Petersburg, FL.

What’s new in Jet Thruster System?

This Jet Thruster system has evolved over a long period of time and is now available in the United States. The innovative jet Thruster is different from the traditional marine propulsion systems in that it uses hydraulic fluid instead of a tube and propeller. The jet thruster technology depends on tiny jet nozzles attached to the hull rather than giant holes carved into the vessel. This has a considerable advantage over tunnel thrusters as a tiny hole may be simply added without causing structural or aesthetic challenges.


Jet Thrusters’ Operating Mechanism

new and innovative water jet thrusters

The Jet Thruster technology draws water from the ocean, which is then pushed to jet nozzles mounted just below the surface in the bow and/or stern by an electrically powered pump. The smallest jet thruster produces 66 pounds of thrust pressure, while the larger system generates 198 pounds of water thrust. The new and innovative jet thruster system is launched in the United States by Holland Marine Parts. Due to the installation’s flexibility, you can use a combination of a bow and a stern thruster for dramatic efficiency, or only the bow nozzles.

9 Important Facts That You Should Know About Jet Thruster System

In St. Petersburg, FL, many boat operators love to install and use the innovative jet thruster in their boats due to the following reasons:

  1. The innovative jet thruster technology is extremely quiet.
  2. There is no cavitation in the system.
  3. The system is quite efficient because there is no vulnerable propeller.
  4. Installation is very simple and adaptable.
  5. A strong centrifugal pump is used in a Jet Thruster system.
  6. The powerful jet is released by tiny jet nozzles in the bow section.
  7. Complete and efficient maneuvering of the boat due to instant power.
  8. There will be no delays in opening hatches.
  9. There are no unnecessary mechanical components at all. Simply hit the button, and the pump will generate a thrust force that will push you away from the dock.


How Does Jet Thruster America Improve Customer Satisfaction?

“We can see a growing need for improving maneuverability to watercraft. Particularly in the charter sector, where multi-hull vessels or yachts are in high demand. Any boat can be equipped with a Jet Thruster system for better performance.

Jet Thruster America is one of the leading manufacturers of new and innovative water jet thrusters across North America. By considering our customer’s demand and the business standards, we offer our customers incredible jet-thruster technology. We will help you get where you want to move!”