Micro Thruster

Small Bow Jet Thruster:

– Designed for shallow draft boats up to 28ft
– Suitable as Bow or Stern Thruster
– 12V Battery powered motor
– No tunnel required, no epoxy work!
– Easy Installation (Best system for DIY)
– Very small nozzles
– Safe for gasoline engine areas
– Composite, corrosion resistant parts
– Complete package: Ready for Install
   through nozzles 

Great product for small boats!

Many advantages over traditional tunnel thrusters


Jet Thruster Micro Traditional tunnel thruster
Flexible installation Limited Installation positions
Works for shallow draft boats Requires significant depth at bow
Silent operation Loud operation
Ignition protected Standard NOT IP protected
Great for DIY (Save Money!) Not DIY suitable
Easy for any hull type Complex fiberglass work
Small nozzles (less drag) Large visible holes in bow
Fast install Higher labor costs

Video: Real V8 engine sound + Real Jet Thruster Micro sound

 High Safety Standard!

– Fully ignition protected, safe for use in gasoline engine compartments. 
– No moving parts under the water line, safe for rescue boats, or ski boats.
– Swimmers / animals cannot get hurt by a propellor
– Water inlet protected by grate at bottom of hull.
– Over temperature protected
– Injection moulded from Polyamid Marine grade composites
– Equipped with integrated water isolation valve 
– Water proof design
– Compact high quality 12V DC motor

Complete Installation Kit 

High Quality Marine Grade products include:

– Pump unit incl. IP cover
– 30ft of rubber flexible hose
– Stainless steel hose clamps
– 45-degree elbows
– Composite hose connectors
– Stainless Steel 316 ball valves
– Joystick control panel
– Control box and cable set
– Fuse holder + ANL fuse
– Hole saw set
– Remote control + 2 transmitters!
– installation manual

Who can install this?

ANY boat yard technician or skilled DIY person can install this unit in a very short period of time. Simply drill inlet hole, align pump, tighten the inlet, install discharge nozzles, and connect hoses. Simple, Secure and Easy!

We have developed Jet Thruster Micro  with Boat builders, yards, and DIY installers in mind. No Fiberglass or epoxy work is required. All electrical control connections are plug & play.

Ready for Install / Ready to Ship

  • Clear Installation instructions
  • Most silent thruster on the market
  • Suitable for shallow draft boats
  • Great DIY product. Designed for DIY Installation!
  • OEM / boat builder packages available
  • Entire system shipped box size 80 x 60 x 52 cm

IP & Ignition Protected

Safe product for Gasoline Engine Compartments

Jet Thruster Micro is fully ignition protected (ISO 8846) for use in boats with petrol engines. It has a hermetically sealed ultra-strong ABS housing around all electric parts.

The housing also protects the motor and electrical components from damage or corrosion due to moisture. 

The new Jet Thruster Micro is perfect for smaller gas engine boats.

Shallow draft boat? No problem!

Easy electrical setup

– Easy installation, works with high quality Automotive sealed connectors
– Water proof connectors connect the joystick controls to the pump unit
– Illuminated on/off button
– Clear RGB LED function indicator
– Water proof – Aluminum anodized front – high quality UV resistant

Remote Control Included 

Looking for more technical details?

You can download the dedicated instruction and user guide and learn more about the Unique Jet Thruster Micro, The World First and smallest In board thruster system for all small boats!


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