Jet Thruster Controller

The second big development is the Jet Thruster Controller. The first generation Jet Thruster systems had electrical controls. In association with our technical partner Karyvo, this has been modified to a specially designed digital control system. The striving of Holland Marine parts to improve steering and then indeed realizing it has also been done based on market demand.

Often clients already have a bow thruster and they want to use the Jet Thruster as stern-thruster. Many boats are equipped with the a bow thruster when they leave the factory, but not yet with a stern thruster, as often it’s not even possible. The unique Jet Thruster systems offer an immediate solution as it’s very suited to be used as stern thruster. Therefore, it was quite a logical step to connect the existing bow thruster to the Jet Thruster system, making it manageable from the control panel. The new controller has been designed in such a way that every bow thruster can be connected to the Jet Thruster Controller. A big advantage for the retrofit market!

After experimenting with an electronical test model, programmed with a specially designed program, it turned out that the steering worked indeed perfectly. After that, it was important to design a compact, watertight housing; this has been done as well.


The new Jet Thruster Controller was ready to be manufactured, but not before TÜV performed a professional production test and the controller has suffered during testing. From lightning strike to serious short circuiting in the managing circuit, it was all tested. The test have proven that the Jet Thruster Controller complies with all applicable norms. The result is that the controller is an indissociable part of the system. That brings about two big advantages; the system is easier and quicker Plug & Play installable then before whilst a coupling with the existing bow thruster is possible at the same time.

The easy installation plug & play options

Single and Dual Remote Setup

Single and Dual Helm Setup

Single and Dual Remote Setup

Single and Dual Remote Setup

Dubbel Single orStern Remote Setup

Double Single or Stern Remote Setup


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