Optima Batteries

Holland Marine Parts advises use of the Optima YellowTop battery

Optima Batteries

Various practical situations show that the Jet Thruster displays optimal performance using an Optima YellowTop battery.

Using an OPTIMA® battery under a heavy electrical load offers two important advantages. On the one hand you have a higher voltage at your disposal, granting you higher starting power than with traditional batteries. On the other hand the battery offers the deep-cycle possibility. The OPTIMA® YellowTop is a dual power battery (starter and deep-cycle), and possesses the unique ability to be repeatedly discharged at a low voltage, only to be charged again.

The preferred placement of the Optima YellowTop battery/batteries is directly beside the Jet Thruster's pump unit. You can then connect it with short cables, or have someone do this for you. This will result in the Jet Thruster performing optimally with the smallest possible electrical losses.

Installation advice:

Jet Thruster JT30 12v 1x Optima YellowTop 55A or 75A
Jet Thruster JT50 12v 1x Optima YellowTop 75A
Jet Thruster JT50 24v 2x Optima YellowTop 55A or 75A
Jet Thruster JT70 24v 2x Optima YellowTop 75A
Jet Thruster JT90 24v 2x Optima YellowTop 75A

Optima YellowTop 55A € 239 incl. VAT (€ 197.52 excl. VAT)
Optima YellowTop 75A € 299 incl. VAT (€ 247.11 excl. VAT)

Holland Marine Parts is an official Optima dealer. You can order the Optima YellowTop batteries on this website:


Optima YellowTop and Jet Thruster JT-50 24V in Beneteau 373


- An Optima YellowTop battery placed directly beside the pump unit guarantees a minimal voltage loss between the batteries and the Jet Thruster's DC motor.

- In this installation lighter cables can be used, and they can be fitted more easily.

- The relatively light, compact and impermeable Optima YellowTop is even easily installed in small spaces.

- An Optima YellowTop battery has a very high cold start capacity. This high capacity ensures the Jet Thruster's optimal performance.

In addition to a correctly executed installation of the Jet Thruster system, the available electrical capacity is important for getting the best possible output.

Holland Marine Parts advises the use of the Optima YellowTop battery.

With the Optima YellowTop you are assured of a suitable power source for your Jet Thruster.

Optima YellowTop advantages

 Up to twice the battery life with faster charge capacity
 Even in a low charge state the battery provides a steady stream of power
 Higher power in the starting phase than regular batteries (high cold start capacity)
 Ideal for seasonal use
 Fully resistant to vibration, and can be installed in almost any position
 Compact and relatively light in weight

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