Jet Thruster 

JT-70 & JT90

JT-70 & JT90

Jet Thruster is all about quality, reliability and durability. This is the main reason we have investing heavily in composite thru-hull parts. The thru-hull fittings we have engineered are made out of the best composite material available on the market (PA66+33%GF+UV). This is a Dupont nylon material as base, combined with glass fiber to give it the high strength we are looking for. On top of this there is a UV stabilizer integrated so the composite stays good for decades and will not be in fluid by any direct sunlight.

The water intake assembly is on first view not much different then the stainless steel fittings. However, looking closer to the quality, thickness and the light weight of the composite materials you will be amazed. These fittings are made to last for at least the lifetime of your boat.

This composite nozzle assembly has got a few new and cool features that will make the life of an owner and technician easier. The nozzle has two grooves on the body. These grooves connect to embossed sliders that are engineered inside of the guide ring and spacers. This means that the nozzle will stay much easier in place when tighten the nut. On top of this we have different thickness of the guide rings. This enables every nozzle to be compatible with any hull thickness. Another cool feature are the small triangle groove we made inside of the nozzle. These grooves connect seamless to our special multitool to tighten the nozzle from the outside if needed. What was a two men job in the past is now a one men job.


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