Thrusters are small propellers that enable a boat to move sideways rather than forwards or backward, such as while mooring or docking. Many boat operators are confused about which thruster is ideal for their vessels. This article will focus on the different types of thrusters, the risks associated with each thruster, and finally, the best thruster that offers you a complete solution to all your problems in Bellingham, WA.

Best thruster for your boat in Bellingham, WA

the best thruster for your boat in Bellingham

Are you having trouble deciding which thruster is best for your boat? Getting tired of the standard thrusters? There’s nothing to worry about. Just take a look at the following types of thrusters and their common risks to determine which thruster better suits your boat.

Retractable thrusters

Retractable thrusters are the most complicated thrusters because they have a lot of moving components. As a result, they are the most expensive thruster technology on the market and the most costly to install. These thrusters use suction to take water in from one side of the boat and release it out the other to propel the boat in a reverse way.

Common Risks:

  1. Prone to damage
  2. It is a vulnerable product
  3. High maintenance or servicing costs
  4. A complex product for charter boats
  5. Costly installation
  6. Fiberglass work required
  7. It cannot be mounted on all types of vessels

External Thrusters

External thrusters are traditional thrusters that can be installed on vessels that do not have sufficient space in the bow or stern to mount a tunnel thruster. However they are criticized for creating drag, but this is only true in the bow, not at the stern, where they are placed behind the transom. The external thruster is more expensive than internal thrusters, generates less initial thrust due to its motor design, and requires more maintenance in general because all operating components are placed outside the boat. Finally, the product selection is limited compared to tunnels, and if you have a larger vessel, you may need to place two thrusters to get the work done.

Common Risks:

  1. High Maintenance Cost
  2. Not suitable for charter boats
  3. High cavitation
  4. Noisy operation
  5. Cannot be installed on every vessel
  6. A vulnerable thruster that is prone to damage from bad weather conditions

What’s the Solution?

Water Jet Thruster is the best alternative for traditional and retractable thrusters. Due to the absence of moving parts, these thrusters are a fast, safe, and reliable product in the market. The installation is less expensive and simple. They also enable longer run times. In Bellingham, WA, many boaters use high-quality jet thrusters to complete regular tasks with ease and simplicity.

Jet thrusters make use of a strong and high-powered electrical Turbine-style centrifugal water pump. The technology can be used as a Bow Thruster, Stern Thruster, both by combining the characteristics of bow and stern thruster to add maneuverability. A jet thruster offers a complete docking experience without the requirement of additional fiberglass work.


Why Jet Thrusters are preferable to Traditional Thrusters?

  1. Cheap and affordable installation
  2. Very low maintenance costs
  3. Reliable product for charter boats
  4. There are no complex mechanical components
  5. Safe operations
  6. High Client Satisfaction
  7. Can be installed on almost any kind of vessel


Hopefully, this article has provided you with a better understanding of the various types of thrusters available, as well as their benefits and associated risks. Ultimately, the best thruster will depend on the type of your boat. To discover more, contact Jet Thruster America or visit our website. We help you in picking the best thruster for your boat to fulfill your needs.