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You can use the module below to calculate the required thrust pressure in Kgf for your vessel under normal circumstances. In this calculation, the exerted wind pressure is the most important criterion. Each vessel is different: in the calculation we do not take into account the point of application with respect to the torsion moment of the vessel, nor the form of the underwater hull (long keel, deep keel) and the water current. This calculation is indicative. We recalculate and reassess each request ourselves.

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Specifications of your vessel (Thrust pressure calculation in Kgf)

Motor boot Sail boot
Motor yacht Sailing yacht

Fiber glass/wood/steel Aluminum
Sail boot

Sail boot
length unit

height unit
The total wind capture surface area of the vessel is calculated based on the length and height of the vessel above the water line (including superstructure/rigging) you have entered. This total surface area is used to select the Jet Thruster best suited for your vessel.

Click this link to see an example of how the calculation is used.

5 Bft (Wind-force in Beaufort)
6 Bft (Wind-force in Beaufort)
7 Bft (Wind-force in Beaufort)
Wind capture:
The total lateral surface area of the vessel above the water line in m² x 0.5 (half the boat length) x 0.75 (correction factor) = Lateral wind capture surface area in m².

On the Beaufort scale, the following wind pressure is displayed in Kg per m².
Bf 4 ->   2.2 Kg p/m²
Bf 5 ->   4.4 Kg p/m²

Bf 6 ->   7.5 Kg p/m²

Bf 7 -> 12.0 Kg p/m²

12/24V Jet Thruster system

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