JT-50 Single Aluminium Kit


JT-50 Single Aluminium Kit

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  • Standard Single Aluminium Installation Kit
  • JT-50
  • 1x I-302-AL Water inlet 3
  • 1x I-157-00 Socket POM Female
  • 1x I-372-00 Hexagon Nipple m/m SS316
  • 1x I-307-00 Elbow 90 degrees 3
  • 1x I-308-00 Reducer 3
  • 1x I-309-00 Ball valve 2,5
  • 1x I-310-00 Hose connector 2,5
  • 1x I-312-00 Hose 3
  • 2x I-331-00 Hose clamp 77-94mm
  • 6x I-116-00 Hose clamp 60-70mm
  • 2x I-164-00 Hose connector SS316 Plastic
  • 2x I-316-00 Elbow 45 degrees M/F SS316
  • 2x I-368-00 Ball valve 2
  • 2x I-322-00 Nozzle Aluminium incl. Venturi
  • 1x I-254-01 Fuse holder+fuse
  • 1x I-150-50 Control panel with Joystick
  • 1x E-300-00 Jet Thruster Controller
  • 1x E-301-00 Cable Controller to Joystick (10m)
  • 1x E-304-00 Cable Controller power cable (2m)
  • 1x I-377-00 Installation Manual


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