Buying a Thruster in San Jose, CA

How to Buy the Jet Thruster for your Boat in San Jose, CA?

The complexity and size of boats that require a secure and stable dynamic positioning system are increasing. In the age of invention and technology, boats come in a variety of configurations and thrust power, depending on the features of jet engines or propellers. As a result, deciding which jet thruster to buy for your boat and how much thrust pressure it requires is exceedingly difficult. In this article, we will explore how to buy the ideal jet thruster for your boat in San Jose, California. 

Jet Thruster America’s Calculator Tool

Boat owners in San Jose, California, face numerous difficulties in finding the right jet thruster for their boats, as well as calculating the thrust requirements for their vessel. It normally takes weeks and requires a significant amount of effort and knowledge of hydrodynamics and computational fluid dynamics. However, Jet Thruster America, the pioneer manufacturer of jet thrusters, has developed a solution to this problem. Our calculator tool is highly-efficient in calculating the thrust power that is required by your boat. It helps you in deciding which jet thruster you need to buy. 

How to Calculate the Thrust for your Boat?

The efficient calculator tool developed by Jet Thruster America helps you in calculating which jet thruster you need to buy. It’s very easy to calculate the required thrust for your boat. Our algorithm can give you an accurate calculation of the required thrust simply by measuring the height and length of the boat. Our systems are suitable for recreational vessels in the 25-60 ft. range, with 4 thrust forces available along with various possible designs.

 The Jet Thruster is highly efficient since the Nozzles move as far forward as possible in the bow. A basic physical law applies: as the arm size increases, the amount of force decreases. You can maneuver a large vessel quite easily by shifting the Nozzles forward! To calculate the required thrust for your boat, you need to follow the three main steps:

  1. Check your boat’s parameters (calculate thrust pressure in Kgf)

In this step, you must decide whether you want a sailing yacht or a motor yacht. After that, you must choose a hull type. Choose a hull type for your yacht, whether it’s Aluminum fiberglass, steel, or wood.

  1. Measure the length of the boat in feet or meters

Why? The entire wind capture surface area of the boat is calculated using the height and length of the boat above the waterline (including rigging/hull) that you provided. The total surface area of your boat is calculated to determine which Jet Thruster is perfect for you.

  1. Capture Wind Pressure

Wind capture is one of the most important steps in calculating the thrust required for your boat. The entire lateral wind capture area in m2 equals the total lateral area of the boat above the water line in m2 * half the boat length * correction factor. The result of your calculation will give you an estimate of the thrust force you’ll require.

A Focus on Exerted Wind Pressure

Under ordinary circumstances, you can use the Jet Thruster America’s calculator to compute the required thrust pressure in Kgf for your boat. The most essential component in this calculation is the exerted wind pressure. In this calculation, the point of applicability in connection to the boat’s twisted moment, as well as the design of the underwater hull (long keel, deep keel) and the water flow, are not taken into consideration. This is a hypothetical analysis. We review and reevaluate each query ourselves. 


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