A novel hydraulic-powered jet thruster system improves the reliability, efficiency, performance, and safety of water jets used in military vessels while also allowing for significant power savings. This can be achieved by the hydraulic mechanics that produces maximum thrust to maneuver the boat easily in the desired direction. Other features in a hydraulic-powered jet thruster include variable pressure, an emergency power generation system, smart control, and more. The article describes the hydraulic jet thruster, its performance, and the benefits of using a new and innovative jet thruster, which contains a hydraulic power generation system that will improve the performance and efficiency of jet thruster systems in Long Beach, CA.

What are Hydraulic Jet Thrusters?

A hydraulic-powered jet thruster system is a marine propulsion technology that produces a stream of water for propulsion. The mechanical arrangement of the hydraulic jet thrusters includes a three-way valve, a strong centrifugal pump, and electric controls to obtain the desired output. A new and innovative Jet Thruster operates by sucking in the outside water. It is then ejected by nozzles on the bow and/or stern of the vessel. There is no cavitation and vibration produced by the Jet Thrusters because it does not use additional propellers.

Hydraulic jet thrusters facilitate maneuvering by making it simpler, safer, and quicker. The shaft, composed of maintenance-free synthetic material, can rotate in two directions, producing jet flow to either starboard or port. Each propeller is developed to generate maximum thrust in a compact tunnel. This makes better maneuvering in tight or closed areas against shifty winds and strong currents.

How do Hydraulic Jet Thrusters improve the Performance and Maneuverability of Vessels?

Hydraulic Water-jets are used in many boats and military vessels to achieve speeds of 30 knots or greater where conventional propeller solutions are unable to perform due to cavitation difficulties, which can lead to thrust failure and structural breakdown. Any vessel designed for high speed must have low resistance and a compact hull.

Turning is one of the most important aspects that greatly affects the performance and efficiency of hydraulic jet thrusters. The hydraulic waterjet propulsion technology pushes boats by producing a reaction force from high-speed water jetting. This new and innovative system suctions water from the vessel’s bottom and utilizes a propulsion pump to increase the water flow and produce thrust through the change in direction.

In Long Beach, CA, the demand for a hydraulic water-jet propulsion system has gradually increased in the last decades. Because of its high system performance, efficiency, powerful anti-cavitation capability, excellent maneuverability, stable operation, and low distortion, the waterjet propulsion technology is extensively used in commercial and military applications.

The Pros of using a Hydraulic Water Jet Thruster System

Hydraulic Waterjets are more efficient than traditional propellers at velocities above 30 knots. Following are the perks of using hydraulic-powered jet thrusters in your boat.

  • Compact thru-hull fittings
  • There are no susceptible propellers
  • Installation of these thrusters is quite simple
  • Perfect for tankers and workboats with a shallow draught
  • High-quality materials are used in the manufacturing of hydraulic jet thrusters
  • It offers outstanding maneuverability and great flexibility.


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