The Jet Thruster is the most dynamic and highly-advanced variant of the Bow or Stern Thruster that is widely used by many boaters nowadays. The water jet propulsion systems can be defined as the propulsive force provided by the jet-reactive thrust of high-speed water ejected through a nozzle. These systems are similar to jet aircraft. However, the difference between these two technologies is that the water jet thruster uses water instead of air as a medium, water is drawn into a high-powered strong pump impeller, which adds high-speed energy and pushes it aft through a nozzle. This article will focus on the significance and advantages of installing an original jet thruster into a sailboat in Long Beach, CA.

What are the Mechanics behind Jet Thruster System?

The jet thruster system works on the principle of Newton’s third law of motion, which asserts that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The propulsive force is produced within the system from the opposite reaction caused generated when water is propelled in the forward direction. The water jet emits a high-velocity jet stream of water back into the ocean. The high-velocity water flow creates a reactive force in the reverse direction, which is passed to the vessel’s hull through the jet unit’s body, pushing it forward. Waterjets are more productive and efficient than traditional propellers at speeds above 30 knots.

Original Jet Thruster in Long Beach


A waterjet unit is composed of a flush-mounted inlet passage on the hull bottom that distributes water to a rotating pump impeller, a static guide vane package, an outlet nozzle, and a reversal /steering mechanism. Water from under the boat is pumped through an inlet tube to a powerful inboard pump, which is usually placed near the transom. When the water passes through an outlet nozzle into the external atmospheric pressure, this head is used to increase the velocity. The driving and reversing forces are produced by deflecting a jet stream by a flat-bucket gear, which is usually hydraulically powered.

Why Would a Sailboat Owner Choose a Jet Thruster System over Conventional Propellers in Long Beach, CA?

There are lots of advantages of installing the water jet systems in the sailboats where the conventional propellers cannot perform well. Let’s have a brief look at the jet thruster advantages.

  • Very efficient and Practical: Jet thrusters provide a higher propulsive ratio at medium to high cruising speeds than the standard marine propulsion systems.
  • High Speed: Waterjet systems are fast and are capable of providing higher velocities up to 50 knots.
  • Great Maneuverability: At all velocities, the jet thruster system offers a precise steering control to maneuver the sailboats.
  • Shallow Draft: The absence of a visible propeller minimizes hull resistance. The waterjet is flush with the bottom of the hull, giving access to shallow water zones.
  • Silent and Smooth: There will be no hull noise or vibration, no high-speed cavitation, and no torque effect.
  • Longest Possible Engine Life: Jet thrusters are safe to install in the sailboats as there is no risk of engine overload under any conditions.
  • Marine Safety:  There are no additional propellers or mechanical components to harm people or marine creatures.

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