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Jet Thruster North America has been established as the North American Distributor for Holland Marine Parts to promote the Jet Thruster line in the US, Canada, and Mexico, and to work to extend the dealer network throughout North America. Founders Andrew Banks and Jim Oates have over 30 years combined experience in the marine industry. Andrew began sales of the Jet Thruster system in 2017, and quickly became the largest Jet Thruster dealer in the US. Jim joined Andrew to bring additional experience in both Marine Electrical and the Sailboat Industry.

“From the moment I saw the Jet Thruster System, I knew this system would revolutionize the boating industry. Not only is the system simple to install, it also opens up options to install thrusters on boats that could never have supported a thruster system before,” says Andrew.

“The quality of construction, and the care taken for quality assurance, is what most caught my attention,” says Jim. “When I first met Henry Kroeze and the team at Holland Marine, I understood why. The work they have put into developing an industry leading product shows, and I appreciate their attention to detail.”

Both Andrew and Jim have many years of personal boating experience. Andrew is a power boater, Jim is a sailor, but they both find application for Jet Thruster, and truly understand the benefits of a thruster system in enhancing the boating experience. Having sailed numerous mono-hull and multi-hull vessels of varying size and weight, Jim is convinced the Jet Thruster System should be the go to choice for any sailboat looking for a thruster.

“There are obvious benefits with Jet Thruster for any type of boat, like reduced maintenance costs, but in heavy cabin cruisers and trawlers tunnel thrusters have been used for years. So it’s only natural for power boaters to want to continue using tunnel thrusters,” Jim continues, “but the choice for a sailor is clear. There is absolutely no reason a sailor should settle for the drag caused by a conventional tunnel thruster, or the complexity and cost of a retractable thruster, when the Jet Thruster System is real and available now. There is no drag, no complicated moving parts, and the weight is comparable to any of the old style thrusters. If you’ve decided you want thrusters on a sail boat, this is the system.”

“I believe Jet Thruster is the future,” says Andrew. “I’ve literally installed Jet Thrusters in hundreds of power boats now, and I can tell you that every customer is far more happy with our system over anything else out there. In fact, even on power boats that already have a tunnel or retractable from the factory, I have power guys coming to me and asking for Jet Thrusters simply for a stern thruster option. For most installs, there simply is no other choice for a stern application.”

Recreational Boating is just that, a recreation. Recreation should be fun, and nothing is fun if it’s hard to do. Boaters add GPS and chart plotters to make navigation easier, electric windlasses to make anchoring easier, and many other convenience items that were once thought unnecessary expenditures. Jim believes these types of convenience items add a margin of safety, while adding to the enjoyment of boating. “I’ve heard arguments against installing thrusters, usually from guys making a point about how much better a sailor they are than anyone else. I’m confident I can manage most all conditions in any boat I’ve operated without the use of thrusters, but why would I not make my life easier if I could? Jet Thrusters are easy to install, easy to operate, and easy to maintain. That’s why we say…it’s just easier.”


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All our products are manufactured according to CE regulations. We keep the rights to change descriptions, graphs or statements, which are required for technical development of our Jet Thruster systems.